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A-Series System

The finest hardware the photographic world has to offer. Precision optics, custom calibrated digital backs, meticulously manufactured components and unbeatable imaging software come together to deliver untouchable quality and exclusive workflow innovations... now available with 100MP Full Frame Medium Format CMOS perfection.

Continuing the Fine Art Alliance
Phase One and ALPA are dedicated to provide fine art photographers with a camera system that is as unmatched in beauty as it is image quality. With the introduction of the worlds first 100MP CMOS sensor to the A-series IQ3 100MP System, the workflow, image quality and detail of fine art camera solutions has never been better.

A-series Dedicated Technology
Exclusive to the A-series, the premier IQ3 Digital Backs offer custom-made Factory Lens Calibration to ensure each back is tailored to the coupled camera and lens, ensuring that the system achieves the absolute pinnacle in Image Quality.

Amazing Rodenstock Optics
Meticulously selected, the A-series lens collection is factory calibrated to ensure each A-series System performs to it’s absolute best. The lenses range from the ultra-wide Alpagon f/5.6 23mm, the wide ALPAR f/4.0 35mm and the Alpagon f/5.6 70mm. Three well rounded lens options to ensure optimal versatility and performance, no matter what your subject.

Compact. High Performance. Medium Format.
Size can certainly play a role when it comes to the quality of your images. When it comes to image quality in photography, bigger is better. Great things, however, can come in small packages. The A-series IQ3 System uses the highest quality components from the worlds top tier manufactures, ensuring imaging quality is, without question, at its absolute pinnacle.

There are 4 configurations of the A-series:
- A-series IQ3 100MP
- A-series IQ3 80MP
- A-series IQ3 60MP
- A-series IQ3 50MP
All systems come standard with the 35mm Rodenstock lens and are also configured from the factory for generic application with the 23mm and 70mm.

5 Year System Warranty
The A-series IQ3 Camera System comes with the reassurance of a 5-year warranty that covers the entire system, from Lens to Screen.

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