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L&P Digital Photographic is one of Australia’s leading suppliers to imaging professionals, developing and delivering highly creative and leading edge solutions for the photographic, pre-press publishing and other media and imaging industries. Follow L&P on TWITTER and/or FACEBOOK

Australian Importers & Distributors
Phase One, Capture One, Profoto, Cambo, Pocketwizard, Sekonic, Rodenstock, Induro, MeFoto, Tenba, Kaiser Fototechnik, ProMediaGear, MURARO

Authorized Re-sellers
HASSELBLAD, ThinkTank Photo, Mindshift Gear, Apple, Eizo, Epson, Epson Inks, Epson Paper, Hahnemuhle, ILFORD GALERIE, ILFORD Black & White, Sandisk, Lexar, Nikon, Canon, Fujifilm, Alpa, GoPro, ONA Bags, f-stop Bags, Lowepro, SONY, Panasonic, Olympus, X-Rite, Datacolor

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 Phase One

Phase One are the world’s leader in open-platform, high-end medium format camera systems and solutions for professional photographers and advanced amateurs.
Camera Systems, Digital Backs, Lenses, Software…
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 Mamiya Leaf

Mamiya Leaf offers high–end digital photographic solutions to professional and advanced amateur photographers.
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Founded in 1941, Hasselblad is the leading manufacturer of medium format cameras and lenses. Handmade in Sweden
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Most of the world's top photographers have chosen to work with products from Profoto, no matter if they're using flash or continuous light (HMI or tungsten).
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Make it possible
Whether you’re firing a remote camera mounted on an airplane wing, using TTL flash for a wedding or working a fashion shoot with Manual Power Control, PocketWizard’s wireless triggering systems MAKE IT POSSIBLE.
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Touch it!
Controlling Light is an essential skill for photographers, videographers and digital filmmakers. Sekonic makes tools such as light meters, colour meters and illuminometers to help you measure and control light for the perfect exposure. Save time and money by getting it right in-camera instead of in post-production.
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